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Announcing the first annual historical convention in Erie, PA.  Operation Griffon will be a three-day event , focusing on World War II, but covering all periods from Ancients to Modern.
Hosted by: Griffons Lair Game Shop, LLC

1645 and 1651 West 26th Street

Erie, PA 16508

814.636.5570 814.449.3284

1-48 game

Hurtgen Forest:

This will be a on going game where players can come and go.

Each player will get a game squad of men to play. (You can

bring your own model if you like or there will be models there

to use). You do not have to know the game. This is for new

players or expert players. There will be some one there to help

you with the rules. Any player that has their squad removed

from play can stay if they like and be responded 5 inches from

a friendly squad, and keep on playing. Victory is moving

within 5 inches of the other side of the game board and

holding it for two turns. There will be a little change how

command is used.

Games on FRIDAY and SUNDAY!

Griffon News
Volume 1 No.1
May 5, 2023