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Announcing the first annual historical convention in Erie, PA.  Operation Griffon will be a three-day event , focusing on World War II, but covering all periods from Ancients to Modern.
Hosted by: Griffons Lair Game Shop, LLC

1645 and 1651 West 26th Street

Erie, PA 16508

814.636.5570 814.449.3284


Griffon News
Volume 1 No.1
May 5, 2023

Force Selection

· 800 requisition points, no order dice or unit count limits. However no army may include free units derived from its army’s special rules. Players will use the recon force selector listed on the downloadable rules sheet. No flamethrowers may be included in your force. Only units 7 armored and below may be included. Nothing with HE greater than 2” may be included. There must be enough transport capacity in your force to transport all of your non-vehicles, unless they are mounted on horseback or motorcycles. Units from all Bolt Action campaign books may be used if the unit says “counts as [unit type] for the purposes of the generic reinforced platoon selector…” in the description. All books and the current FAQ as of April 29th, 2023 will be in use.

Submission of Army List

· All lists are to be submitted by the 29th of April to CSherrange@gmail.com. Please title your email “operation Griffon”

Tournament Schedule

3 rounds! Games are to be 2 hours There will be a short break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Food on site is both cheap and tasty.


Missions will be distributed the day of the tournament.
Get the full rules  packet  here