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Announcing the first annual historical convention in Erie, PA.  Operation Griffon will be a three-day event , focusing on World War II, but covering all periods from Ancients to Modern.
Hosted by: Griffons Lair Game Shop, LLC

1645 and 1651 West 26th Street

Erie, PA 16508

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Griffon News
Volume 1 No.1
May 5, 2023

Saturday May 6th starting at 12pm

This will be a mega battle on a large table (three 6x4 tables in a T) with Germans vs Americans/British. Each table will have different deployment zones and objectives for the players.

Submission of Army List

Players will bring a 65pt list from the following books/formations: D-Day Americans (D minus 1 formations only) D-Day British (D minus 1 & Breakout only) D-Day SS (no tank companies) Bulge Americans (parachute & glider formations only) Bulge British (no comets, chaffees, or ram tanks) Bulge Germans (SS Panzergrenadiers and Brigade formations only) Command cards may be used

List restrictions:

German players may have no more than one tank unit (front armor 4+) in their force, and it must be placed in delayed reserves.

General layout/deployment:

British players representing XXX Corps will start at one end of the table and try to break through down the table to Arnhem. The middle table will have bridges for Eindhoven and Nijmegen with American airborne forces trying to capture them. The third table will have Arnhem and its bridge with British airborne trying to hold on against the Germans.